Chinese White Olive Mocktail


The Recipe

Name of the core ingredient: Chinese White Olive
Botanical name: Canarium album (Lour) Raeusch Other name in English: Chinese White Olive
Name in Vietnamese: Cà Na, Trám Trắng

It is a plant species found in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, “Chinese white olive” grows periodically in natural forests in the Northern provinces, from Quang Binh to the north; parts of southern China (Guangxi – Yunnan) and northern Laos.

Traditional Usage:

Chinese white olive trees can be used for various purposes. Roots, leaves collected all year round to make medicine. The fruit can also be used as medicine, when ripe, used to eat raw or processed into many dishes.


Health benefits:

Treat sore throat, tonsillitis, cough: sour, sweet, acrid and warmth have good effect on treating sore throat, tonsillitis, cough very well.

Treat enteritis, dysentery, diarrhea: juice of the fruit fillings stimulates salivary glands, helps the digestive system work well, and enhances the ability to absorb nutrients.

Cooling and refreshing effect: the olive has a sweet taste, provides minerals and vitamin C that are beneficial for cooling.


Time needed: 10 minutes



4 pcs Chinese White Olive
30 ml Sugar syrup
2 pcs Sliced Chili (Optional)
15 ml Lemon juice
30 ml Gomme Syrup
1 can Lemonade Soda



  1. Boil Chinese white olive in salt water to remove bitterness. Remove seeds, add some water and blend to extract the juice.
  2. For sugar syrup. Boil 200gr sugar with 100gr water.
  3. Combine all ingredients. Stir well and top up with lemonade soda.
  4. Serve on ice and garnish with boiled Chinese white olive.

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