Dragon Fruit Flower Buds Soup


The Recipe

Name of the core ingredient: Dragon fruit flower bud
Botanical name: Hylocereus undatus
Other name in English: Pitaya, Dragon fruit, Strawberry Pear
Name in Vietnamese: Hoa Thanh Long

Dragon fruit is a species of tree grown primarily for fruit and is also the name of several genera of cacti . Dragon fruit is a native plant in Mexico , Central America and South America . Currently, these species are also grown in countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines , Indonesia (especially in western Java Island); southern China, Taiwan and some other regions. Research and breeding by the Southern Fruit Institute has also been put into mass cultivation. Red or white flesh are widely grown and popularized in provinces such as Binh Thuan , Long An
, Tien Giang,… Research and breeding by the Southern Fruit Institute has also been put into mass cultivation. Dragon fruit flower has a cool, sweet and light taste.


Traditional Usage:

According to Oriental medicine, when the dragon fruit blooms, it has a beautiful white color, has a tonic effect, eliminates cough, cures bronchitis, tuberculous lymphadenitis, and detoxifies alcohol. Very nutritious and valuable remedies.

Dragon fruit cereus flower is also considered as a clean vegetable, cooking soup with pork, seafood is both a dish and medicine in the house. Whether dragon fruit cooked with lean pork or fresh seafood are delicious, nutritious, cool and refreshing heat.


Health benefits:

Dragon fruit is a cooling fruit, laxative. Flowers are used to treating bronchitis, tuberculous lymphadenitis, tuberculosis, drunkenness.

The body used to treat fire burns, water burns, broken bones, parotid gland inflammation, boils (to cancer). Use a sufficient amount of body to remove shells and thorns, smash, apply water or apply residue.



For white stock:

300 gr Shrimp shell
200 gr Carrot
300 gr White turnip 1500 gr Chicken bone 100 gr Coriander root 300 gr Onion
40 gr Salt
30 gr Scallion
50 gr Ginger
200 ml White wine
3000ml Water

For Dragon Fruit Flower Bubs Soup:

1000 gr Dragon Fruit Flower Bub
100gr Salt
100gr Honey date
30 gr Sweet and bitter kernels
10 gr Rock sugar
20 gr Chicken powder
2000 ml Water

For stuffing:

200 gr Crab meat (Chopped) 400 gr Shrimp meat (Chopped) 20 gr Chicken Powder
3 gr Salt
5 gr Sugar
3 gr White ground pepper
15 gr Shallot (Chopped)
15 gr Coriander stem(Chopped)
20 gr Tapioca starch

For Plating:

Clear soup
Dragon fruit flower bud Honey date and kernels Edible Flower



  1. Rinse shrimp shells and sauté until the shells are golden and crispy.
  2. To create white stock. Rinse chicken and put in hot boiling water with salt (about 20g salt) for 10 minutes. Add in a slice of ginger, scallions and white wine. Then take out and wash the chicken bones.
  3. Cut carrots and white turnips into chunks. Rinse and cut coriander roots.
  4. Add water to the stock pot then add chicken bones, shrimp shells, ginger, carrots, white turnip, coriander roots and 5g of salt to the pot cook with simmer for 30- 45 minutes (It can simmer for up to 3 hours if you have plenty of time).
  5. Put the shrimp meat, tapioca starch, and spices into the blender finely ground, then mix with crab meat, chopped shallot, and chopped coriander stem.
  6. Pump the stuffing in the middle of the dragon fruit flowers and then use a string to prevent the flowers from breaking when cooking.
  7. Put the white stock, honey date, sweet and bitter kernel and dragon fruit flower stuffing seafood in the pot and with spices and for simmer about 30 minutes until the dragon fruit flower softens and tastes it again. Served the soup while it is hot.



  1. Use scallion and ginger and white wine when boiled chicken bone to decrease the poultry smell.
    Soak the dragon fruit flower in ice water to keep vitamin and green color of it. Soak the honey date and sweet bitter kernel before cook to help quick soften.
  2. Simmer when cook soup or stock follow Vietnam technique help clear stock or soup and get umami taste.
    Should put shrimp meat in the fridge before grinding helps a tough bit more. Should put shrimp meat in the fridge before grinding helps a tough bit more.

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